International 12 foot dinghy

dinsdag 4 september 2012

Ernesto Riva dinghy

Second hand dutch dinghies with a measurement letter are popular in other countries. New dinghy hulls are necessary. An excellent boatyard is Ernesto Riva in Italy. Five years ago I have helped them to have a look at dinghy 795, when they visited Holland. Jan Hak and Leen de Goederen were so kind to help and to give the Italians all the information they need. Their price is also good, about 15.000 euro for a new one. Just one problem, they only have build dinghies with an Italian measurement letter. Very light boats because the max wind speed in Italy is 16 knots and Italians like to win in that circumstances. Above that wind limit the races are immediately abandoned. It is also necessary because many Italian dinghies are not strong enough for more wind. And for sure not when they are sailed with two persons. They will loose every stiffness. The forces on a dinghy are extreme in that case. So if you want to sail just in Italian circumstances and you want a lot of speed with slow wind, an Ernesto Riva dinghy is a good choice for you. It is a pity that Ernesto Riva has not build, till so far, dinghies with a dutch measurement certificate. In that case you are sure that you can have pleasure also in 25 knots circumstances. And besides with a crew. Boat builders as 12footsailing in Turkey, Amberboat in Lithuania, de Groot, de Jong, Lamme and van der Meer in Holland will be glad when Ernesto Riva will just producing dinghies for the Italian market and not for the European market. To have a strong concurrent is always difficult. It is up to Ernesto Riva to decide. We have given every boatyard all the information they need, so they can produce perfect classic dinghies. The prices, they ask is something between you and the boatbuilder.