International 12 foot dinghy

zondag 6 mei 2012

Wooden dinghies expensive?

To build a wooden dinghy is a lot of work: about three hunderd hours. Amateur builders perhaps five hunderd hours. If you want to buy a dinghy and you are doubting what to choose, a second hand is an option. In the Netherlands the prices are varying between 6000 euro for an old one and up to 12000 for a rather new one. The adventure to let build a new one is fantastic, I have done it in 2001. Jeroen de Groot was my choice. He is a great sailor and a perfect boatbuilder. I never regret and still in 2012 my
ned824 is a wonderful and competitive boat. Van der Meer is another possibility. 100
percent quality and fast, but also a high price: 18.000 till 25.000 euros depending the options: trailer, cover, extra masts, gaffs and booms. For a better price you can also have a look at 12footsailing.com. The boatbuilder is the Dutchman Roland Bouwkamp and he lives and works in Turkey. His price about 13000 euros. You can also make a phone call with Aidis Jascevidius (Amber boat) in Lithuania. His dinghy price is the lowest about 11.000 euros. All of them can arrange a dutch measurement letter if sailing regattas is a challenge for you.
Plastic dinghies you can buy in Italy from Nauticalodi or Lilia,
prices about 13.000 euros. Of course there are also famous wooden builders in Italy. For example Columbo and Ernesto Riva. An indication of their price 15.000 euro. With of course an italian measurement letter.
Also in other countries are boatbuilders who have bought the drawings of the Dutch watersportverbond. For example England, Swiss, Argentina, Spain and Portugal. In my url page you can find more information about all these builders.
The committee of the international 12foot dinghy class organisation can give you independent information.