International 12 foot dinghy

dinsdag 1 maart 2022

Princenhoftocht 2-3 juli 2022

The Princenhoftocht is a famous long distance race in a swamp area and organised by the sailing club "Oostergo" founded in 1848. The clubhouse is het zeilcentrum in Grou. Saturday 2 july is the Princenhoftocht (the blue line on the map). Sunday 3 july two normal races will be held on the Pikmeer (red circle). Just three classic wooden classes are invited for the Princenhoftocht: lark, 30m2 and the international 12 foot dinghy (12voetsjol in Dutch).
Foreign sailors will be asked to arrive thursday, Friday 1 july is a day for relaxing and to enjoy the beautiful surrounding. The pictures of the Princenhoftocht 2018 and Princenhoftocht 2021 gives you an impression.
For The comittee of sailing club Oostergo is tradition and style a part of the culture, even during the race, all comittee members are well dressed. Also when it is raining! In 2022 the Princenhof tocht is promoted to an international Friendship event. We will be glad if you would consider to take part. In that case send an email to Pieter Bleeker, rear commodore of the 12footcwc organisation (International 12 association). For the email address see the 12footcwc.org website.

The fastest way to subscribe the Princehoftocht with this form of the sailing club Oostergo. Do it for 2 july 2022.