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maandag 29 juli 2013

Dutch Champion 2013 12voetsjol

Wim and Marcel Bleeker dutch champion 2013.

The official results uitslagen NK 12voetsjol 2013

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More picturesof dinghy sailors in action during the NK 12voetsjol, taken by Geja van Ommen.

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A lot of dinghy pictures made my Wietske van Soest. See pictures Picasa Wietske

Bob Heineke (l) and Wim Bleeker having a two battle in the last race.

zondag 28 juli 2013

Dutch champion 2013....

Wim (48) and his son Marcel Bleeker (17) Dutch champion 2013. In the seven and last race there were only two candidates for the title. Wim/Marcel Bleeker and Martijn/Bob van der Pol. Wim decided to go alone in the last race. It was beaufort 4 and he had to work very hard to beat Martijn and Bob. But finally he was successful and for the first time in his live Dutch champion.

Walter Bleeker (54) at the right side on the picture is also thinking to buy a dinghy and participate at the dutch championship 2014.

The official results uitslagen NK 12voetsjol 2013

More picturesof dinghy sailors in action during the NK 12voetsjol, taken by Geja van Ommen.

the same pictures on picasaweb (this works probably better)
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Dutch championship 8

One race to go. 6 valid races behind us. Reinhard schroeder has sailed a 1 again and has a good chance. But he has a protest against him from joep brinkmann. Martijn van der pol, reinhard schroeder and wim bleeker has the best cards. But....stil everything is possible. Picture jeroende groot and bob heineke

zaterdag 27 juli 2013

Dutch Championship 7

4 races sailed now. Gold groupe results race 4, see picture. Total results not known yet. Sunday 3 races. After sunday there will be a new champion. Reinhard Schroeder has sailed very constant. But also bob heineke, martijn van der pol, wim bleeker, pieter bleeker, joep brinkmann, duuk van heel en jeroen de groot can become the new champion. Read it tomorrow in 12footnews

Dutch Championship 6

Results race 2. Froukje Romkes best woman with a 6.

Dutch Championship 5

After race 2 now thunder weather. Race 3 is delayed. Number 1 after 2 races Joep Brinkmann with a 1 and 2. Martijn van der Pol 2 and 2. Reinhard schroeder 1 and 3. Wim bleeker 2 and 4.

vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Dutch Championship 4

There are 2 groups of each  23 dinghies. The first 3 races are for the  selection in gold and silver. After that the gold group wil race 4 races  with the best sailors. The new champion is the winner of the gold group.  The lake is to small for such a big groupe of 46 to start in one group.
Today just one race with slow wind. First group winner Bob Heineke. Second group winner the German Reinhard Schroeder.

Dutch Championship 3

Marcel Bleeker and Damy Jansen, both 16 years young are ready for the start . But...there is no wind at 10:30hr.

donderdag 25 juli 2013

Dutch Championship 2

Tom Erik van Strien, the measurer, in action. The mast is the subject of control.

dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Dutch Championship 1

26, 27 and 28 july is it time for the Dutch Championship 12footdinghy again. 12footdinghy is in Dutch 12voetsjol. Since 1923 the oldest dinghy series in the world. It is organised by the Dutch watersportverbond, sailing club the Vrijbuiter and the class organisation Twaalfvoetsjollenclub on the Loosdrechtse plassen. 46 participants till now, 39 men and 7 women. Before the races starts at thursday the technical committee wil have a look to the mast and another important parts of the classic wooden dinghies. The principle is that all dinghies have the same speed (or better equal slowly), so the best helmsman become the new dutch champion. Who are the challengers. Joep Brinkmann, living in Germany now was 4 times Dutch champion. Martijn van der Pol the same, also 4 times. Jeroen de Groot 2 times, he is one of the best sailors in the Netherlands and very motivated in his brand new dinghy NED877, built by himself. Wim Bleeker is rather new in the class and in a good shape, he has won every dinghy race in 2013. Every year there is a black horse. Bob Heineke was the champion in another classic wooden class the Pampus. He wil try to do the same in the 12voetsjol now. Duuk Dudok van Heel (4 times world champion in the FJ class) is sailing a home race and a tactical genius. With a slow wind every dinghy sailor is afraid for the 81 year old woman Tonnie Surendonk. The championship is open for foreigners, the German Reinhard Schroeder would like to beat all the Dutch concurrents. Read it in 12footnews the next days. Want more information? See Nederlands Kampioenschap 2013

Tonnie Surendonk (l) and her crew Ineke Dankelschijn (photo Wietske van Soest)

vrijdag 5 juli 2013

George Cockshott

George Cockshott was the grandfather of Peter Cockshott and Jane Rowe. He died in 1952, when Peter and Jane were 13 years old. They have good memories to their grandfather, but never heard something about the 12 foot dinghy. A reason could be that their father died in world war 2. Peter Cockshott told a lot about his grandfather in his excellent speech in the clubhouse of the west kirby sailing club.
Wietske van Soest has sent me this article published in the local newspaper. In England is the 12foot dinghy suddenly well known again. A lot of people are thinking now to buy a wooden classic one.

WEYMOUTH sailor Jane Rowe and her brother Peter Cockshott (l) were special guests at the Centenary Celebrations for the International 12 dinghy held in Merseyside. The pair joined dozens of sailors from all across Europe at last weekend’s regatta at West Kirby Sailing Club to mark the 100th anniversary of the popular traditional dinghy, which was designed by their grandfather George Cockshott and became the first dinghy to compete in the Olympics.
The three-day event, held at the venue of the first-ever races for 12' dinghies in October 1913, is part of a series of centenary events the International 12 Foot Dinghy Class is holding this year across Europe.
Jane, who is a member of Castle Cove Sailing Club and Weymouth and Portland Cruising Association, said: “We made the trip to West Kirby to join in with the Centenary Celebrations of the International I2ft dinghy which my grandfather George Cockshott designed.
‘There were 25 boats competing from the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Spain and Britain and my brother, my husband Ernie and I all had a go which was great.
“The International 12 was the first dinghy to compete in the Olympics. They held a competition for a design and Grandpa won it.’
Find out more at 12footdinghy and 12footcwc

dinsdag 2 juli 2013

12footcwc is launched

Some lovers of wooden classic dinghies has launched a new club: the 12foot classic wood club. Say 12footcwc. Reinhard Schröder is the spokesman. Have a look at the new website 12footcwc.org

West Kirby 5

Fish and chips in Harwich. Just before the ferry. Jeroen de Groot and Damy Jansen behind the dinghy of Huib Ozinga