International 12 foot dinghy

woensdag 21 maart 2012

Plastic dinghies in the Netherlands

Shocking news.. Plastic dinghies in the Netherlands. See new classic
The Italian boat builder Nauticalodi has found a dealer in the Netherlands. A beautiful site with excellent pictures.
It is an honest story: in the Netherlands it is not allowed to race together with wooden dinghies. Probably there is a market for plastic dinghies in the Netherlands. Not everybody like the maintenance of a wooden one. If it will be a success, you will got the issue: sailing together with wooden dinghies or not. As long as there is a big gap between the fast Italian plastic dinghies and the slow Dutch wooden dinghies, a mix is not very realistic. In the eighties there was something similar: the plastic Beusichemse jollen. Still very popular in Germany. The Dutch class organisation has the policy: just wood. Have a look at classes with a mix between wood and plastic like the Finn, Vaurien and O-dinghy. What happens.... wood is to slow and disappears finally. Unacceptable.