International 12 foot dinghy

woensdag 21 augustus 2013

Friendship series Kiel Laboe

The friendship series is mentioned for wooden classic dinghies in the dutch style. Till now 66 dinghies have participated during the events in France, England and the Netherlands. The last Friendship regattas will be organised 22 - 25 august in Germany. Wim Bleeker was the winner of the Kaag and West Kirby event. Wim is also the Dutch champion 2013 and will will visit Kiel Laboe. He has a good opportunity to become the first winner of the Friendship series too. At Laboe 170 classic wooden boats will take part. From the big 12 meters with a lenght of 21,33 meter till the little 12footdinghies with a lenght of 3,66 m. The dinghy groupe of 14 boats with sailors from Germany and the Netherlands will start in gruppe 15. It is a goal to show the other lovers of the big yachts that small is also beautiful. Everybody who want can have a look what a wonderful boat a dinghy is. Also sailing in a dinghy is possible. The organisation is glad that a boat with a history of 100 years take part in the German Classics 2013 for the first time.