International 12 foot dinghy

dinsdag 27 januari 2015

AICD - Twaalfvoetsjollenclub

a letter from my Italian friend Fabio Mangione

Dear Pieter,
I’ve read Your blog Site 12footnews. I would like to thank You for Your interest about the Italian Dinghy 12’ Class and for the Wooden Classic section that I’m honoured to lead after Giuseppe La Scala. I’m very interested in what our Dutch friends really think of us..... read more....

The new chairman of the Twaalfvoetsjollenclub is Bert Bos. He is 58 years old and is sailing 50 years now in classic wooden boats like Flits, 16m2 and 12footdinghy. He has written now an answer to Fabio with the title "the Dutch style of 12footdinghy sailing":

2015 is the year in which we are starting the second century of the 12' dinghy in the Netherlands.
In 2014 we celebrated the 100 year anniversary held at the "Loosdrechtse Plassen". Over 174 12' dinghy sailors where present from all over the world in their classic traditional wooden boats. New and old. Five new dinghies were traditionally baptized and were presented to the dinghy world. It is the oldest one design class in the Netherlands and, against the odds, the fastest growing wooden class. It was a once in a lifetime event. No better evidence of the strength of the Dutch way of sailing a 12' dinghy.
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