International 12 foot dinghy

zondag 13 november 2016

Twaalfvoetsjollenclub in Australië

10-13 Februari 2017 the australian wooden boat festical is organised. Willem Alexander, the King of the Netherlands will visit the event. Also his Orange regenboog, in English rainbow, a classic keel boat will be there. The rainbow class is saying they are the oldest Dutch class with 100 years, but this is not true. The oldest class in the Netherlands is the 12footdinghy with 103 years. Harm Ploeger (dinghy 278) and Ed van Cortenberghe (dinghy 414) are sending their boats in a container to Australia, together with the orange rainbow of the King with number 56. See the website australian wooden boat festival. The place to be is Hobart, Tasmanie, Australie. Abel Tasman was the first European there in 1642. He was born in the most beautiful Provence of the Netherlands, Groningen. Read the story of Abel Tasman on Wikipedia in English.

Two 12footdinghies and a rainbow in a container on the way to Australie. With the sound of old Dutch music, the doors are closed.