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donderdag 22 april 2021

Bert Hamminga passed away


Bert Hamminga passed away 16 april 2021, as a result of Covid-19.

The Funeral video (Password 813A1E95) with pictures, youtube videos and speeches. Most of the time in Dutch. Available till 19 Mai 2021.

The official Funeral card

Pictures of Bert Hamminga and also his funeral ceremony on 26 april 2021.

Vocals Bert Hamminga. Youtube video Dinghy song
Piano Durk Zandstra. Saxophone Bert Hamminga. Youtube video No wind blues

Many of his dinghy friends were in shock by the death of this remarkable person and have send us their memories of Bert.
Yoichi Komori from Japan: 1 My memories of Bert
Geja van Ommen from the Netherlands 2a My memories of Bert in Dutch, 2b My memories of Bert in French, 2c my memories of Bert in English
Reinhard Schroeder from Germany 3 My memories of Bert
Rod Andrew from England - Belqique 4 My memories of Bert
Jaap Wientjes from the Netherlands 5 My memories of Bert in Dutch
Mark Duffield from England 6 My memories of Bert
Bert Bos from the Netherlands 7 Funeral speech in Dutch

Rod Andrew (OK dinghy sailor): I was looking for a quotation running round my head, but it wouldn't come to me, but just did! The French poet/ chanteur/national treasure Georges Brassens, was quoted as saying, '..and if I'm not 'normal' it's because I don't want to be; there are enough normal people,- let them get on with understanding each other!' ...There was something of this in Bert.

Steve Bulmore from England postscript after reading this blog article