International 12 foot dinghy

maandag 2 augustus 2021

Reinhard's column

Princenhoftocht, Grou, Netherlands, 3 July 2021
This first event in Friesland, Netherlands in 2021 we sailed in memory of our Admiral Bert Hamminga who passed away in April.
Geja van Ommen made very nice mourning ribbons and all dinghy sailors had one in their mast.
Our Admiral (with cigar) was a very special person and we all had a lot of fun together. So I had a special prize which Bert Hamminga would have appreciated. Watch the video of this nice bird. The price was given to Gerrit Klugkist because he sailed in the style of our Admiral. His start into the race was not so good and he began more or less at the back, in the middle of the race he was first (everyone was surprised) but in the end he finished in 6th place!
On Sunday morning I saw a hen duck swimming with her 10 children to the landing stage. But there was already a drake duck. She bit him, he swam away and the mother duck with her children kept the whole place. See the video. Our Admiral – who was always very near the water with his Renault Kangoo– would have laughed very loud about it. Maybe Bert Hamminga arranged this scene for us from heaven …
Reinhard, GER 870, July 2021