International 12 foot dinghy

zondag 14 november 2021

Friendship series 2022

The Friendship series 2022, four weekends to meet your friends with the same love for classic wooden dinghies in the 1913 style
1 Germany. 2-3 april. Baldeneysee. Contact Reinhard Schroeder. more info
2 Ireland. 4-5-6 June Clinckerfestival. Contact Vincent Delaney
3 Netherlands 2-3 july. Grou. Princenhoftocht. Contact Pieter Bleeker. more info
4 Belgium 22-23 October, Lac de l'Eau d'Heure. Contact Bert Bos

Besides these official Friendship series we are thinking to promote the next interesting regattas / touring events:
England 4,5 september (Bosham). Contact Doug Branson
Germany 4,5 september (Schwerin). Contact Reinhard Schroeder
Japan, 2-3 july Hayama regatta. Contact Yoichi Komori. See race report 2021
Turkey, ?? . contact Rifat Edin

Soon more information in this blog article. Or at the website 12footcwc. The picture is made in 2018, Friendship series Danmark. In front Yoichi Komori from Japan with the Japannese flag.